Monday, February 23, 2009

NGN Magazine - Next Generation Networks

NGN Magazine - Next Generation Networks: "NGN Magazine" - perhaps more of a compilation than a magazine, but one to watch non-the-less - claims to produce a mag, but can't find it online!

NGN Updates

The joy of technology. The latest Total Telecom website enables you to make RSS feeds of your choice on the fly.

For example this one flagging the latest NGN content on Total Telecom. Click here to view it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

webitpr | IEC and Convergence World Magazine Announce Top NGN Innovators at SOFNET 08 in London

webitpr | IEC and Convergence World Magazine Announce Top NGN Innovators at SOFNET 08 in London

Last month the IEC announced the top NGN Innovators at SOFNET 2008.

They included:
  • io global who provides the software and services to enable Network Operators, Media
    Brands and Advertisers to collaborate in a trading model to personalize
    and monetize their interactions with individuals on the run.
  • Broadsoft, who have the BroadWorks fixed-line applications provide enhanced web-based feature
    functionality, real-time service management, and the advantages of a
    converged voice and data environment.

  • Telcordia Technologies
    for real time charging

  • Nortel
    for Provider Backbone Transport

  • ZTE Corporation
    who won the best green innovation category
SOFNET failed to wow people in terms of attendance, but it's good to see some recognition for the vendors driving the NGN. The full list of winners and shortlisted companies is available on the SOFNET website.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Next Generation Networks Global Standards Initiative

Just come across this ITU initiative which apparently sets out to harmonise different approaches to NGN architecture worldwide. It sounds a worth initiative and ties into lots of ITU driven meetings and resources.

Monday, December 24, 2007

What's hot in wireless in 2008

"Sorry to be boring, but I reckon femtocells will be the big issue in 2008. There is massive industry momentum behind the idea, but still loads of issues to short out in a short time, including the business case, service proposition and how to actually integrate millions of the things into cellular networks.

If I can cheat and have two top issues, then network sharing will also be big in 2008, as operators realise it's the only way to afford all the investments they have ahead.

As for the hot acronym,funnily enough it might be HSPA+, as people realise that they don't need 3G LTE for the forseeable future if they implement femtocells and broadcast networks."

Alastair Brydon, CEO and co-founder of Sound Partners Ltd

Friday, December 21, 2007

Total Telecom peers into 2008

A bit of futurology by Total Telecom's team
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